Affirmation cards do exactly that, they affirm the truth. They are written with the absolute knowing that we really are here to grow and discover, and the moment we come into alignment with this truth- there is truly no one and no-thing that stands between our success, achievement and healing… Each series is written around a particular theme or idea and was written to empower, inspire and remind. You can order greeting cards here online 


The SerenitysWay greeting card line can also be accessed through the SendOutCards Relationship System- thus making them available by computer or phone app! You can literally send your greeting cards in a couple of minutes, your card will be printed and shipped/mailed to the receiver. This process is less expensive and more efficient. 

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Awakening Series

Gratitude Series


Home/New Beginnings Series

Relationship Series

Women’s Empowerment Series

I AM Series

Transcendence Series

A Few Words

Angel Series

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