The goal of aONEnessRevolution is to focus on Gratitude,                                                           to Implement a Practice and a Call to Action that directly and financially                    gives to the people and causes we have a desire to support.


aONEnessRevolution was an inspired thought to find a way to spread positivity in a way that would make an undeniable shift in the people that it reaches.  Whether in our places of work or  in our lives, we have an opportunity everyday to extend kindness, appreciate others and to acknowledge the people we know love, and trust, do business with or those we have just met. 
The tangible touch of a greeting card, a seemingly insignificant gesture, has more impact than you could ever imagine. SendOutCards is a relationship based company that has been in business of creating greeting cards and helping people build relationships since 2003. The stories of  rekindled relationships, renewed faith and genuine heartfelt appreciation are endless.
SerenitysWay is a greeting card line that focuses on Affirmations, Gratitude, Empowerment, Healing and Relationships and it is now available through the SendOutCards relationship system & phone app-    SerenityWay greeting cards (or one of the hundreds in the system) can literally be sent in under a couple of minutes and the receiver will get a  physical card in the mail. The app for a user is FREE and you only pay for the cards you send out!  Which is cheaper than the grocery store!
The goal of aONEnessRevolution is to focus on Gratitude, to Implement a Practice and a Call to Action                                     that directly and financially gives back to the people and  the causes we have a desire to support.
When we decide to implement a Gratitude Practice in a business, organization, church,  spiritual  center, non-profit, group, following or program— we have an opportunity to create a collective consciousness of positivity & raise the vibration of everyone around us. Both the sender and the receiver are blessed by the heart opening action of sending a positive message, good intentions and/or a heart-felt message— at the same time we are able to create funding for a cause, ministry, non-profit, fundraiser, individual or business. 


Each time a card is sent out, the organization receives 20% of the cost of the cards.  When it’s followers, people, congregation, etc start a gratitude practice , a flurry of  positivity is sent out simultaneously creating funding for the cause. If business or individuals  within the Gratitude Practice see the benefit of sending gratitude within their own companies or organizations, they may implement an employee retention program, catch a good deed program or an acknowledgement of birthdays, anniversaries, milestones, events, etc– thus further funding the cause.  Imagine how incredible it would be to be able to give back to the causes we are passionate about by spreading love, gratitude and appreciation! What could be better than that?! 
Lets decide to build bridges, extend forgiveness, offer encouragement, acknowledge good deeds and deliver gratitude and appreciation in a way like never before. Lets create momentum and a movement that funds worthwhile programs as a result of spreading positivity!

If you would like more information on how to implement a Gratitude Practice that will fund your non-profit, church or program- please contact me!


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