A Million Blessings – Home 8×10 Print



When I originally wrote this blessing I was thinking of all of the ways that I wanted my home  to be for my family; especially my children, because that wasn’t the case when I was growing up- It wasn’t what I came from and it wasn’t my experience at all. The truth is, we have no idea what happens behind closed doors or what the true dream is for anyone who is ready to begin again with their home or their family – and even if the homes of our friends and clients is wonderful, then perfect, we are affirming what already is. I’d like to believe that holding only the best intentions either way really does make a difference. Would you be willing to help me send A Million Blessings?


It’s not a house, It’s a home. It’s where you plant your seeds, grow your dreams, and deepen your roots. It’s about family- It’s where we come together to celebrate our wins and strengthen in our losses. It’s about love, laughter, safety and harmony. Home is where it all begins. It’s where we create traditions, lay boundaries, build character, and develop habits that support a lasting foundation. May your home be a place of comfort filled with peace and joy and may it provide you with a lifetime of blessings.

8×10 Print

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