The “Why” is this…

In the moment that we shift our perspective, life begins to unfold in beautiful and powerful ways. We can no longer wait for change, we must be the change. We’ve got to be accepting or at least understanding of all people, even if we have different beliefs or ideas.  Our gift to each other and the world is to bring our voice, vision, artistry, talent and passion to the world.  The question is  how will you stand as a light and be in acceptance of others so they can do the same?        
 Acceptance, Gratitude and Appreciation  play a huge role in the way that we see the world- Are you willing to make a practice of being mindful? Can you appreciate and acknowledge the change and transformation of others? Could  you tell someone else how they make a difference for you? Can you make a point to say thank you and to be in gratitude? Are you willing to forgive?

This is one small way to make a huge difference in your own life and in the lives of those you touch. The question is – are you willing?



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