Building a life with
Presence & Principle.

The journey of personal reflection is a soulful journey into compassion and understanding...
not only with others,
but more importantly
with yourself.

The peace you will uncover in knowing we are all experiencing the same intertwined life
will give you permission
to allow yourself the space
to be the most authentic version of you that you can possibly be,
without apology.

My Agreements with Me

Explore the agreements you have with yourself, in every area of your life. This book can be purchased by itself or with the 52-week online course. 

Greeting Cards

Affirmation cards affirm the truth. The Serenitys Way greeting card line is unique and powerful. Each card is meant to touch the heart of the person receiving it. 


Each affirmative writing has a significant meaning that signifies strength, purpose and conscious choice making.


Experience the “I AM” Series  

  March 1st – May 24th | Mile Hi Church – Celebration Hall

9077 W. Alameda Avenue, Lakewood, CO 80226