After we adopted “The Four Agreements” (by Don Miguel Ruiz) as a tool for open and honest communication in our office, I felt compelled to elaborate on what my version of those agreements were… I think its important to note that each of us has to start where we are- even in the midst of chaos or confusion, or despite anything we may have done, or need to do. Each of us has the opportunity to begin again moment by moment….


I make a pact with myself- an agreement with me. A promise to commit to a more expansive way of being and seeing. I release the chains of my own bondage-  I know that these agreements afford me the ability to live out my highest truth and vision, and I give thanks for the many blessings that return to me as I embrace my authentic self.

I am impeccable with my word and I use my heart and intuition as my guidance. I pay close attention to when listening is more important than being heard, and I recognize that the need to understand always takes precedence over the egos demands.  I know that my character, my honesty and my integrity are all defined by word so I don’t make promises that I cannot keep. I am free to choose in every moment to respond instead of react, and I vow to never use my words as a weapon or an excuse. I don’t partake in rumors and gossip, for I absolutely know that there is no power or personal growth in the depreciation of another.

I don’t take things personally, I recognize that we are all on a journey- learning, growing, discovering, finding, reaching and figuring out our own plan. When I stay committed to my highest vision, when I am in integrity with myself, I approach others with patience and humility. I know that each of us is doing the best we can with our current level of awareness- and I honor that space. I release all demands and expectations that keep me in judgment, and I forgive myself and others for our misgivings.

I don’t assume anything. I accept full and total responsibility for my life, for my relationships and for my results. If there is something I need to know, I ask. If there is something I need to say, I communicate. If there is something missing, I do the best I can to articulate and express who and what I am, and what it is that I need or desire. TAghere is no story writing;        I will not create my own doubt, animosity, confusion, illusion, bitterness, suspicion or conflict based on speculation. I am clear and conscious- I use my time, my energy and my voice for resolution and solution. I am committed to greatness.

I will do the best I can, and I start with me. I will love, honor and nurture myself. I will take care of my needs, protect my space, expand my consciousness, exercise my body, and shape my life. I will give time to the things that inspire and bring joy to me. I will give all that I have to all that I am committed to. I will look for opportunities to give of myself, my time and my service because I understand the dynamic exchange of giving and receiving, and the amazing blessings it brings to my life.

As I move into this day I carry with me these truths and agreements, and I remember to be gentle along the way. I remember that life is always offering up the opportunity for me to be, do and have everything I desire. I choose yes and let it be so.

And so it is~

   ~Sylvia Castillo

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