A young man enters a car dealership, excited about his very first purchase of something significant. He finds the perfect vehicle; it’s what he wants- sporty, clean, fast and ready to drive off the lot. He’s been thinking about this day for at least a year. Three years on the job,  working on his credit score and putting money away, he was feeling ready.

He was not at all prepared for the feedback- sorry young man, they are not willing to budge on the price and even with $3k down, your income to debt ratio does not qualify you to purchase the vehicle.


So here it is, the moment the rubber meets the road. When in an instant the perspective and meaning we attach to this moment, will either be the evidence of all things wrong OR will be the motivation for things yet to be.

It’s so easy to look at a circumstance or situation and name it. To be in resistance to what is- to call it unfair or unjust, to criticize and rationalize. It is the birthplace of anxiety and depression. Truly- it is here in these moments where many of us define ourselves as not worthy and not enough.

The offering though is a Choice Point- an opportunity to look at ANY circumstance or situation, ANY person or thing and to consciously notice what is attempting to be awakened. 

That’s right, it doesn’t “just happen”. We give everything meaning-  however, if we are paying close attention, if we are keeping one  eye on the inside, we can actually notice and “feel” what is attempting to be expressed.

Turns out this young man was not happy at his job, and purchasing a car and being tied to an obligation, would have made him feel chained and in bondage to something he was ready to give up.

His personal power is now re-awakened and activated in a new way and his motivation to create deliberate change is front and center in his awareness. The gift here is seeing the circumstance from a different perspective. When we understand that life truly is conspiring for our greater good, when we make a choice to be plugged in,  it really does give life new meaning… When choosing your perspective…. Choose Well ♥

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