As I continue to think about Gratitude in the month of November- I’m reminded of all of the growth work over the past decade- I’m certainly grateful for all of the opportunities I’ve had to discover and grow.

Over the past weekend I shared 4 days with 12 amazing people studying “BEingness” specifically my own BEingness. How I show up in the world, where I’m stuck in old patters of thinking and how in some areas it continues to have a certain kind of grip on things.

For me looking in the mirror and being accountable for what my life looks like in every area is a big deal. Its easy to place blame and point fingers, however ultimately whatever I’m experiencing at any given time at some level is a result of what I’m putting out there.

We looked at Competing Commitments and how certain underlining programs my be operating in the background with no awareness to it all all. Do you ever have those moments where you do or say something and immediately you catch yourself because your behavior doesn’t match that way you really want to show up in world… I know I have.

The discovery process and uncovering some of these unconscious programs gives me the opportunity to bring awareness to them- and although there are some people that don’t believe you need to look at your stuff to heal it- my experience has been that its challenging to shift a behavior if you’re not aware that you’re doing it or if you feel like “thats just how I am”…

Either way, I think that we all know when its time to look in the mirror. Here’s to growth!



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