I’ve been paying close attention to where I’m at when making decisions. Am I in my head or am I in my heart? Many of us have heard the old saying that the greatest distance we could ever travel is sometimes those 12 inches.

Sometimes there are people, situations or ideas that we feel like we must defend and taking a stand for someone or something can also mean opposing the others. Its really quite an interesting game we play, especially when those situations are as close as our own homes and in our own families.

I’ve certainly had my share of interesting circumstances, even recently- and as hard as it’s been and as much as a part of me wants to isolate and justify- even in the midst of these things I find myself asking the question “What would Love do”? I also ask myself if the behavior i’m displaying is in alignment with the kind of person I want to be.

Its not from fearful idea that vengeance  might be brought upon me should I not act a certain way- its more about me getting real with myself and asking “Is what I Think, Say and Do in alignment?” and if the answer is no, then I need to look in the mirror.

As Thanksgiving Day approaches us, I think its a really beautiful time to exercise the freedom of Love and Forgiveness. Not because I “should” but because I can. I believe we came from Love and in the end we will return to Love- and this extremely short amount of time in this physical body- it’s the only time we get to “Experience” Love the way we do. Even when its messy.

My hope is that as we approach this holiday season you are not alone, that you are filled with a Spirit of unconditional Love and Forgiveness, and that Peace and Ease and Grace are with you…





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