This week as we get ready to prepare our turkey dinners, plan for the festivities and celebrate with our loved ones…  I’m thinking of those who are struggling during this time. Whether is the loss of a loved one, a relationship challenge or just those who are alone this Holiday season.

What comes to mind for me are the many reasons we find ourselves in pain- guilt, shame, anger, sadness and the many other feelings that we tend to bottle up and lock away.  Someone once said to me that it’s impossible to move ahead on the “trapeze of life” if we are still holding on to what is behind us. I believe its true.

We struggle with competing commitments- the ego, self-defeating behaviors and the need to be right in many cases keep our hearts under lock and key. It’s been my experience that without forgiveness we can justify just about everything, defending the rightness or wrongness of things while  trying unsuccessfully to fill the emptiness inside our soul.

And the interesting thing is this… the very thing we are resisting is in many cases the thing (the salve, the elixir) that would set us free if we would let it in. If for a moment we could be still… still enough to stop defending, stop judging, stop thinking, stop justifying, and on and on and on.

Forgivenss begins with me, to forgive myself for all of my misgivings and to extend the same forgiveness to others as well. I’m willing to remain open and I’m Thankful today that with every breath I am at choice.



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