1. a combination of statements, ideas, or features of a situation that are opposed to one another.
    “the proposed new system suffers from a set of internal contradictions”
    a person, thing, or situation in which inconsistent elements are present.
    “the paradox of using force to overcome force is a real contradiction”
     the statement of a position opposite to one already made.
    “the second sentence appears to be in flat contradiction of the first”
    synonyms: denial, refutation, rebuttal, countering

    “a contradiction of his statement”


    Contradiction is an interesting thing- it shows up as actions that are in direct opposition to what we say we want or even more importantly- what is in our hearts about how we want to be, who we want to be and what we want to do in the world. For those who believe in a body-mind-Spirit connection, contradiction can show up as disease or dis-ease in the body, a physical manifestation of a mental contradiction. Some teachers refer to it as contrast and others see it only outwardly where it is re-framed as opinions,  judgments and the reason for turning others away.

    The journey of going inward is truly a life long commitment and from my perspective, it’s an opportunity. I believe that piercing the veil of our own judgments, illusions and contradictions is the most essential and meaningful work we will ever do. I say work because in my opinion it is much harder to look in the mirror and take full and total responsibility for our lives, our actions and our results.

    There is a gift in writing down the ways that our behavior shows up as contradiction to how we think we are showing up and confiding in those we trust to ask for feedback. The gift getting back in alignment and sometimes that is a daily commitment.

My personal contradiction is about integrity, about being out of integrity with myself and the loss of relationships as a result. Even after over a decade of personal development work, I see how for me being out of integrity has affected my goals, dreams and desires and writing it down here is part of the accountability and exploration to and for myself.

So I’ve decided to take a closer look at virtues, I’m interested in the master teachers, all of them including Jesus. I am interested in the process of exploration, uncovering and discovery and I’m interested in the process of healing, and heart opening.

“It doesn’t matter how you got here, and, clearly, the mortal mind was not equipped to figure it all out. It is, however, supremely capable of grasping what;s now happening in your life, why, and how to change most of the things that displease you. There is only today. There is only now. You have only to be concerned with, and can only truly know your own life. Nail it, and you will achieve what you came here to achieve”  (from Life on Earth by Mike Dooley)

I am going explore one virtue a week from The Family Virtues Guide by Linda Kavelin Popov. My intention is to study each virtue in depth and to look at how it shows up either in alignment or contradiction to how I live my life and certainly to make my own adjustments where they are needed. For 2017, I’m taking intentional action in every area of my life. Setting goals, creating an action plan and getting accountability.  Of course its an open invitation for anyone who might be interested in their own process…




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