“Being assertive means being positive and confident. You are aware that you are a worthy person with your own special gifts. You think for yourself and express your own ideas. You know what you stand for and what you won’t stand for. You expect respect.”


I talk a lot about “The Way”- although there are thousands of ways to do just about everything, for me when it comes to people, communication and standing in our truth, “The Way” is critical. In the dictionary the definition of assertive is confidently aggressive or self-assured; positive, aggressive; dogmatic.

You know its one thing to be confident and self-assured, however depending on how you add aggressive- that can definitely change the dynamics of any conversation.

I think the four agreements sum up taking responsibility for one’s self. When we are  1. Impeccable with are word 2. Don’t take things personally 3. Don’t assume anything and 4. Do the best we can. We become creators, choosing to respond instead of react and we being the work of self-mastery. Add a dose of Kind Assertiveness and it makes all the difference.

So this is where I’ll start this week.

Four Agreements-


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