“Cleanliness means washing often, keeping your body clean, and wearing clean clothes. It is putting into your body and your mind only the things that keep you healthy. It is staying free from harmful drugs. It is cleaning up mistakes and making a fresh start.”


There’s so much to say about Cleanliness as a virtue- in its simplest terms, having good hygiene habits and taking care of your body and clothes is definitely something we should pay attention to. As it states above, putting your body and mind on things that keep you healthy and drug free is important- And yet I feel like there is so much more…

Cleanliness creates the foundation for things to have order, to remove excessive clutter and disorganization from our homes or lives creates the space for not only new things to be invited in, it also makes living with what you have much more manageable. The same can be said for our money management right, paying attention, keeping our transactions “clean”, not spending more than what we have, not stealing from others or borrowing without an intention to pay it back. Or living with a sense of entitlement, as if someone or something owes you anything.

What about the cleanliness in our relationships? I think that means being honest- and being able to say whats on your heart and mind without fear or retaliation. How about relationship is a reflection of our state of mind? What is that looking like? Someone once said that are people who spend their whole lives swirling around in the “messiness” of relationships, never get to greatness.

That’s food for thought for sure. Where do I need to clean things up? Everything starts with me. I think this week I’ll focus on a couple of places in my home that need some attention and Ill also be paying attention to what is happening in my mind and in my results. Is it messy or clean?                 Where am I willing to follow the Law of Goya? In case you hadn’t heard that one, its the Law of         Get Off Your Ass. Simple and yet effective.

That certainly leaves me with something to think about…



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