“Commitment is caring deeply about something or someone. It is deciding carefully what you want to do, then giving it 100%, holding nothing back. You give your all to a friendship, a task, or something you believe in. You finish what you start. You keep your promises.”


It’s probably no coincidence that the subject of commitment is coming up as I’m backdating this blog entry. I certainly don’t claim to be a guru or someone who’s got it all figured out. I do however see that a lack of commitment is truly what leaves me feeling like I’m on a hamster wheel starting over- again and again. There is a saying that people are moved by pain or pleasure, things either feel really good or its so bad that “enough is enough”. I think s it also has to do with our thinking and mindset. So What does 100%  look like?  and on some days, what does 52% look like.

There’s a balance here with taking care of every thing and everyone. Is there an opportunity in looking at areas where I (we) fall short and to ask myself – “What am I really committed to?”     Maybe there are area where I need to say no so that I can keep my yes. What are the things that have been started and have yet to be finished and what am I willing to sacrifice to get it done?

What about the promises? The promises we have with everyone else – with our children, with our marriages, with our friends, at work and at play- and what about the promises we have with ourselves.

That’s really a super personal question, and different for all of us. There are hundreds of reasons and excuses why we don’t keep our commitments and promises. The question for me is, “Am I willing to be honest with myself and take an inventory?”  So that’s what Ill be working on- putting my list together of the things I’m choosing to be committed to and finishing it. That means personal accountability, putting it in the calendar, checking it off and keeping it real.




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