“Consideration is being thoughtful of other people and their feelings. You consider how your actions affect them. You pay careful attention to what others like and don’t like, and do things that give them happiness.”


The virtue of consideration invites me to be thoughtful about how I show up in the world in general. How am I considerate of others? In what ways do I support and give of my time, my energy and my efforts? Am I considerate to only those I know or is it easier to be considerate to those I don’t know. Do I practice unconditional consideration? Its all food for thought… I was listening to something this morning that said that we have so many opportunities each and every single day to practice consideration- I would also add forgiveness. Consideration for the faults of ourselves and others, forgiveness of ourselves and others. How did I judge that man or woman who _______________ (fill in the blank). We play judge and jury everyday, a lot of the time unconsciously. Sometimes forgetting our own imperfections. We do have an immense amount of opportunity everyday to extend Love- and we don’t need to go to an ashram, or a mountaintop, we don’t even need to travel great distances-  the opportunity is literally everywhere, and I would say especially in our own backyards and in our families. Lots of opportunity to love and forgive and to be considerate. How will I practice that consideration and can I treat you as I did before you _______________…. I believe that the journey, that’s the way I choose to see it anyway.




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