“Creativity is the power of imagination. It is discovering your own special talents. Dare to see things in new ways and find different ways to solve problems. With your creativity, you can bring something new into the world.”


I LOVE this. So here’s the thing… there is something within each one of us. It’s unique to each individual, it’s our gift, our calling, our passion. It’s in those times where the imagination runs free and the feeling creativity is expolsive. Its a desire that lives within your heart and the beautiful and wonderful thing about it, is that its there as YOUR gift to the world. Seriously- that “Thing” whatever it might be for you- Its WAITING FOR YOU!!!
Its waiting for the moment that you will say YES, that you will Own It and Have It! In the very moment that you turn away from doubt, fear, separation and judgement- when you follow that thread of desire. When you listen to that still small creative voice that lives at the center and the core of who you are- that is the place where magic happens. Where there is energy, vitality and an undenying stirring within.

The practice, especially if were not sure what that is- is to be still enough to listen. To also pay attention to what desires are wanting to expressed. There’s a practice of taking 5-10 minutes three or four times a week to just be still and think about what your desires are. Write it down, regardless of what it is or what others might think. Write everything down and when you have seven days of notes (and not before) – take a look back to see what patterns of desires keep showing up.

Maybe you’ll surprise yourself with what you find or maybe you already know and haven’t acted on it because of the fear about what others think, or maybe its that you don’t feel qualified or good enough- or maybe something you did in your past still haunts you and you can’t get past it? There’s a lot of things that come up when were on the verge of giving birth or voice to the desires that live in our hearts.

Here’s what I know- we are all worthy and there is nothing in our past that proceeds us. Our job is to learn from our mistakes and make corrections where they are needed- It is not to spend a lifetime in unforgivenes of ourselves or others. We have the opportunity to Love and Heal all of those places within ourselves.

I know my practice is to keep saying “Yes” in the face of that fear- and to stay grounded in knowing that that place of creativity and desire that lives in the heart is really a guide to living my purpose.

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