Enthusiasm is being cheerful, happy, and full of spirit. It is doing something wholeheartedly and eagerly. When you are enthusiastic, you have a positive attitude. Enthusiasm is being inspired.



There is actually much to be said about our vibration- it more than just attitude and happy- I thought I would share this excerpt from “The Adventures of I” by Tania Kotsos.

The Scale of Consciousness

Excerpts from Chapter 2: The Scale of Consciousness
from The Adventure of I By Tania Kotsos

The Scale of Consciousness at a Glance: Everything in the Universe is energy or consciousness vibrating at different frequencies or rates of vibration, with no physical separation between any two degrees of consciousness because consciousness is unconstrained by space and time. The only distinguishing factor is a thing’s corresponding rate of vibration, which is defined by the associated qualities of density, self-awareness, intelligence, and directive power.

Lower degrees of consciousness are physically denser and hence more accessible to our physical senses, whereas higher degrees of consciousness are more subtle and hence more inaccessible to our physical senses. Moreover, the higher the degree of consciousness of a thing, then the more positive it is on the Scale of Consciousness. In turn, higher positivity corresponds to higher levels of self-awareness, ability to pay attention intelligently, and the capacity to use one’s will power to mentally direct change in all those things of a lower degree of consciousness relative to one’s own.

Looked at another way, the lowest or densest rates of vibration of consciousness in the physical world are found in inanimate objects, which may be alive with consciousness but have no self-awareness or conscious intelligence whatsoever. In contrast, the most powerful human beings, who are able to influence all those things and people in their environment effortlessly, are people of great will power.

However, it is never a case of a physical amount of will power but rather, it is always a matter of degree of positivity. Indeed, it is humanity’s degree of self-aware consciousness, and hence our capacity to use the power of our will to mentally direct change intelligently, that sets us apart from the animal kingdom. It is also what distinguishes one human being from another. Put simply, while everything is alive with consciousness, not everything lives consciously. Anything less than the intelligent and conscious use of the directive power of one’s will is synonymous with living largely along unconscious lines.

Directive Power: The last and most important quality of consciousness is directive power. This is the capacity to use the power of one’s will to direct one’s thinking. The will of all things is essentially the ‘will to live’ but not all things have the power to direct their will consciously. In fact, no independent or conscious action can be taken without the will to do so, which means that in the absence of consciously using one’s will power, all action to a great extent occurs unconsciously.

Higher degrees of consciousness correspond to higher degrees of conscious use of will power. Moreover, higher degrees of will power are associated with the power to direct change in those things of a lower degree of consciousness. In other words, the higher the degree of consciousness of a thing then the greater its power to willingly direct change in all those things of a lower degree of consciousness relative to its own. Power in this sense, however, does not suggest force or physical amounts of power. In contrast, it means directive power in the absence of physical force, or in other words, the power to direct change in those things with lesser directive power or lesser positivity. In other words, higher rates of vibration of consciousness are more powerful than lower rates of vibration.

A person’s degree of positivity is that person’s degree of directive will power to influence those things that are less positive, or negative, in relation to their degree of positivity. So the advice to ‘be positive’ does not mean to have a happy-go-lucky outlook, or even to think good, positive, and moral thoughts. Rather, to ‘be positive’ means to increase your rate of vibration or degree of consciousness by way of self-awareness and the intelligent use of your will power to direct change in all those things in your environment with a lesser degree of self-aware consciousness or positivity relative to your own.

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