Helpfulness is being of service to others, doing thoughtful things that make a difference in their lives. Offer your help without waiting to be asked. Ask for help when you need it. When we help each other, we get more done. We make our lives easier.


This is SO much bigger than just being “Helpful”- Its amazing how these five sentences have so much wisdom, guidance and council- seriously! Just the idea and the action of being in service to others- we live in a reciprocal universe and we know that as we give, so shall we receive. Are we in the flow or on sidelines? Are we giving of our time and talents? If you don’t know that you are valuable and that the gifts you have are purposeful and needed, then I invite you to challenge yourself to find a way to be in service to others.

Are you waiting for someone to give you a special invitation? or are you offering to help without waiting to be asked- What an opportunity to rise above the smallness of the protective personality- to just jump in where its needed- to BE the one to make a difference- Why? Because you can…

Asking for help when you need it- this one is HUGE! Think about those people in your life that never ask for help. Some folks have a tendency to expect others to know what they need and when the other does not live up to their unspoken expectation, they are disappointed. Even more than that, it becomes a game of guessing. How exhausting to live behind the drama of not being able to ask for what you need.

When we help each other we get more done- exactly! Teamwork, togetherness, unity, partnership, synergy, harmony, assistance, collaboration, help, participation, working together and on and on and on. We didn’t come here to do this on our own, it is a collective experience and when we live on purpose, when we are helpful and outwardly focused we absolutely make our lives easier.



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