Being humble is considering others as important as yourself. You are thoughtful of their needs and willing to be of service. You don’t expect others or yourself to be perfect. You learn from your mistakes. When you do great things, humility reminds you to be thankful instead of boastful.


Here’s a thought about humility that may give new perspective to the conversation? For me there is something about being able to see both sides of the coin or having the ability to see things from multiple perspectives….

The opposite of having humility is to have conceit, vanity and/or self-righteousness. Imagine a person with these particular qualities – going thought life focused mostly on self and with little regard for others. At some point in the journey there may be a very hurtful or painful experience that allows them to see the errors of their ways. Typically we learn through pain or pleasure so its really not uncommon for us to learn great lessons through a painful process.

Many times there is a great sadness following a tragedy or lesson for a self-righteous person. Typically with great despair or regret (assuming that we are not talking about a sociopath) a person will come to terms with their actions and begin to behave in new ways. In the meantime there is still a vibration of shame and embarrassment sometimes trapped for years and years never to be discussed or brought to the surface because of the great fear of not being accepted or loved. The healing here begins with forgiveness of self.

So humility can be the biggest gift from both sides of the coin. In the way that we offer humility and understanding to someone that has chosen to experience great lessons through a painful process and humility can also be the way in which we decide to be thankful instead of boastful. When we operate in the world with an understanding that we are on different levels of awareness, we can accept the place that people are in without judgement and having to be right in our opinions about them.





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