Kindness is showing you care, doing some good to make life better for others. Be thoughtful about people’s needs. Show love and compassion to someone who is sad or needs your help. When you are tempted to be cruel, to criticize or tease, decide to be kind instead.


We have so many reasons and justifications to criticize others- it’s interesting to notice our own thoughts and behaviors in regard to something as simple as driving… Have you ever stopped and listened to yourself or what you’re thinking (or screaming) at the other people on the road? What’s interesting is that once we point out what to us is something bad, or wrong, unjust or whatever…the mind has a way of wanting to find 20 other things just like that and all of a sudden we find ourselves on a downward spiral. It is said that if you wake up out of bed with a negative thought, it has the power to lead the way we will think and feel for the day…

With that being said, it also works the other way as well- if we get out of bed with a positive or intentional thought, it also has the power to lead the way we will think and feel for the day. There are a lot of ideas on how to activate your positivity and one of those ways is a Gratitude Practice– this is a wonderful way to spread Kindness.

The goal is to send out two greeting cards per day- not an email or a text, it’s not the same. This is a physical and tangible item. The best part about it is making it personal- adding pictures and quotes that are important or special to the person receiving the card. It’s done first thing in the morning before you start the workday so that you are intentionally starting your day with Kindness and Generosity. It’s an amazing practice and truly makes a difference not only to the person receiving the card, but also you yourself because it feels really good.

So the question is- How will you be committed to Kindness? and what will you do today to impact the life of someone else in a positive way??



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