Service is giving to others, making a difference in their lives. You consider their needs as important as your own. Be helpful without waiting to be asked. Do every job with excellence. When you act with a spirit of service, you can change the world.


A woman walks into her mentors office and talked about how she has been feeling depressed and out of sorts lately. She was feeling disconnected and was wondering how to fan the flame of energy and excitement in her life. The mentor asked her if she was open to homework and of course she said yes. The homework consisted of two assignments- for the first assignment she was asked to write down her vision and to begin with asking the questions-  “What is it time to let go of that has been holding me back?”,  “What if my challenges and obstacles also contain my greatest gifts and opportunities?” and “If there were no limits and money were no object, what would I be doing”? Secondly she was asked to give four hours every week to being in service to others. This did not mean going to work or expecting to get paid something for her time. . The assignment was to find somewhere where she could volunteer and give her time to something that she would not only enjoy, but where she would be helping and being of service to others. She was to check back in three weeks.

When the woman returned to the mentors office she began telling him about the past three weeks and all of all the people  she had met at the home for the elderly where she volunteered her time. She explained how she was helping them to put on a talent show and that she was really fond of Mrs Mack who at 87 years young was showing off her dancing moves from generations ago. She went on and on about the residents and the many gifts and talents each on them had. Coincidentally, a friend of hers called her out of the blue to see if she could help with some organizing. She had forgotten how much she enjoyed creating organization out of chaos. She was now looking into employment opportunities or creating her own   business – something she had never thought about before.

Her mentor sat quietly listening and when she slowed down to end her conversation, thirty minutes had already gone by. The mentor asked her how long it had been since she felt depressed or disconnected and interestingly enough since the moment she put pen to paper to write her vision and to volunteer her time, she had been feeling much better.

You see, when the focus is totally on us and there is no outward focus on others, we can sometimes get lost in our own minds. It has been said that “Where there is no vision, the people will perish. We were not meant to go at this life alone or to be secluded from everyone and everything. When we find positive, like-minded individuals to share our time life begins automatically to offer ideas, opportunities and solutions in our lives.   We have to rise up though- we cannot expect to “catch a vision” if our head is in the sand.

Don’t wait to be asked to help out where ever it is that you can see that help is needed and don’t wait to be asked to write a vision for your life. You get one shot, on opportunity and one experience in this thing we call life. Decide now who you will be and become, where you will give of your time and service and what legacy you will leave behind. When you do this, you will find your people and together you will change the world.


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