Trust is having faith in someone or something. It is a positive attitude about life. You are confident that the right thing will happen without trying to control it or make it happen. Even when difficult things happen, trust helps us to find the gift or lesson in it.


Life is ALWAYS Conspiring for My Greater Good ~ 

I love this saying- it implies that life is purposeful and that no matter my belief I’m going to be good. This perception is nurtured by a positive mindset- an idea that life is not happening “to me” but “for me” and that I am a player in life and not a victim. Its like living with a knowing that I have my A team, they have my back, I’ve got my plan and life is good.

When I TRUST that everything is in order – the same order that cycles the day, grows my hair and turns an acorn into an oak tree… when I trust that power and order, I really do seek first to understand. I operate with humility and continuously look for the gift, lesson or blessing.   I know that I may not see it right away- in fact it could take years or some incredibly painful lessons until I LET the truth be revealed (and  it is a letting process).

My goal is to let today be today and to Trust

And…  by the way- while I’m trusting- I do have to put the other virtues together in my life. I cannot expect grace if I am giving grief. It is not feasible to take from others and not be taken from. We cannot be intolerable of others and ask for forgiveness. Its not okay to lie, cheat and steal and then wonder why life is falling apart. Well I guess you can wonder, but you really don’t need to – its a reciprocal universe.



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