Trustworthiness is being worthy of trust. People can count on you to do your best, to keep your word and to follow through on your commitments. You do what you say you will do. Trustworthiness is a key to success in anything you do.


What makes a person worthy of trust? I believe it is certainly everything listed above- being a person of your word,  it means doing what you say you will do, only making promises that you will keep and staying in integrity with yourself and others.

Everything Matters- every thought, every spoken word, every promise, every commitment and every idea and decision that we stand for. I think every virtue that we have looked at over the past 11 months is valuable- the more that we define and refine who we are and what we stand for – the more successful we will become. Our job is not to tell people how to be- the opportunity lies in being the best version of ourselves that we can. To BE the example- to be a leader of self, to make every effort to BE in alignment with what we think, say, feel and do. The more that we focus on ourselves, the easier to allow others to be where they will and to CHOOSE who and what will get our time and consideration. There will no longer be battles for attention and control- we will find our tribe and there will be no looking back. We also get to Trust that life is always conspiring for our greater good and we no longer meet change with resistance. We welcome every opportunity to grow, expand and discover a new and better version of life and what we bring to it.

As 2017 comes to a close, what seeds are you planting for your future? What will you harvest in this, your garden of life?


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