Truthfulness is being honest in your words and actions. You don’t tell lies even to defend yourself. Don’t listen to gossip or prejudice. See the truth for yourself. Don’t try to be more than you are to impress others. Be yourself, your true self.


When what I think, feel, say and do is in alignment- everything about life just works.

Everyone want’s to share the good, juicy gossip- it’s an interesting thing. One person has their side of the story and the other person has theirs and the interesting thing is that they are both right. Our experiences and our results are all defined by own perspective- so all the gossip, all the talk, drama and deliberation really does not serve much of a purpose.

The most important thing is our Truthfulness with ourselves and that we are aligned with like-minded people. We do not want to put ourselves in or stay in an environment that is not alignment with our core values. If I value acceptance and honesty and the person who signs my checks does not condone my lifestyle – I will sense and feel the resistance even if there are no spoken words.

We will naturally (by way of our inner knowing) find ourselves making decisions and changes so that we can be who we are and express how we feel without having to worry or second-guess. Above all else- Be true to you…



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