Understanding is using your mind to think clearly, paying careful attention to see the meaning of things. An understanding mind gives you insights and wonderful ideas. An understanding heart gives you empathy and compassion for others. Understanding is the power to think and learn and also to care.



Understanding helps with perspective. When we seek first to understand, things have a way of having a completely different meaning. The way we interpret people, situations, circumstances and challenges somehow become opportunities to practice kindness, compassion and understanding…

Life gives us an opportunity every single day to practice these virtues- we really are at choice in every single moment to choose love or fear as our way of seeing and we can rest assure that the results in our lives will give us direct feedback as to where we are operating from.

As we close out the year  with only one more virtue left to look at, I’m grateful to have shared my thoughts and perspective.




Unity helps us work and live together peacefully. We feel connected with each other and all living things. We value the specialness of each person as a gift, not as a reason to fight or be scared. With unity we accomplish more together than any of one of us could alone.



The most important virtue of all in my opinion is Unity. When we feel connected to each other and all living things, when we truly accept them- it’s because we have laid down our judgments. Unconditional love and acceptance is what each one of us desire at our core, it’s what we are meant to have and our hearts our the compass by which we connect.

Unity is accepting that there are more beliefs that exist than just our own and when we are first ready to look at our own “stuff” we can somehow see that the error in our own way(s) is what provides the most clarity…

As I close out this year of virtues, I’m excited and a tad reluctant to share “My Agreements with Me” for 2018.        Looking forward to another year of exponential growth and discovery…

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