I make a pact with myself- an agreement with me-

This is where it all starts. It’s an agreement I have with myself and it’s not about anyone or anything else. It’s not about right or wrong or good or bad- It’s simply an opportunity to be real with myself. To honestly take an inventory of myself and my results and to determine if there are things that I could decide to do differently.

A “pact” is a solemn and sacred agreement that I make with myself and as I consider what that might be, if for any reason someone else comes to mind that might influence how or why I make this agreement with myself, I’ll need to let that go. This is not about my kids, my spouse, my parents or friends. It’s about ME.

So, we begin here with the first sentence-

What is my agreement or pact I have with myself? And do I even have one? Maybe I don’t.

It is possible that I’ve just been getting by day to day, doing the grind. I may have been so consumed with taking care of everyone and everything else, that I never really thought about myself. Or maybe I have many goals, they’re written down, memorized and kept track of- although there are other areas that I struggle with. Either way, It Is Time.

Have I taken the time to write out a vision for my life? Do I have concrete goals that I am working towards?  Are there things that I already know that I want to change about myself?

My health and wellbeing; am I taking care of myself, exercising, eating right? Do I make time daily to read something positive, meditate or pray?

My Relationships; Who in my life lifts me up? What relationships need repairing? Who will I find to help hold me accountable for this brand-new agreement that I know is so important to the bigger picture of my life?

My Career/Education; How have I been showing up? Am I getting things done on time? Am I a team player? What do I need to do, learn or schedule that will move me to the next level?

Contribution/Spirituality; Where am I involved? How do I give back? Am I giving my time or service to anyone or anything? Am I practicing what I believe in?

This week, I will spell it all out. I will look at at-least one thing in each of these areas of my life. I will set a Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Risky, Timely (SMART) goal.

I will give myself the gift of putting myself first this time and staying the course.


Selfcare ____________________________________________________________________________


Relationships ________________________________________________________________________


Career/Education _____________________________________________________________________


Contribution/Spirituality ________________________________________________________________


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