My Agreements with Me-

A Year of Personal Reflection~

There comes a time when looking outside of ourselves for an explanation, feedback or an interpretation no longer gives us the resolution we are looking for-

because ultimately our answers are within ourselves. No one else’s crystal ball, tarot cards or counseling session can see our future or definitively determine why things are the way they are or how they will turn out to be. In the end, it is up to me – to take full and total responsibility for my relationships, for my results and for my life.

There are four agreements that I have an opportunity to make with myself. The *original agreements were given to us by Don Miguel Ruiz, in his book “The Four Agreements”. However, there is a deeper exploration of these agreements, and they are “My Agreements with Me” the ones I make with myself, and if I am willing to take an honest look at my own thoughts, behaviors and actions- I could just possibly find answers I was once looking for but could never find.

An amazing teacher once said that “we will all get what this life was about, even if it is in our last breath”. I believe she meant that life is about the opportunity to live as our True Self, our Real Self-  the one who is powerful, confident, competent, beautiful, strong and worthy in every way. Beyond any circumstance or situation, beyond faults, mistakes, trials or secrets. The one who lives with an open heart- who sees without judgment, who hears without fault and who lives without regret.

As human beings, we are given dominion over our thoughts and experiences and we choose moment by moment and breath by breath where we will place our attention and how we will see and interpret life.

It is only through a commitment to our own personal growth and development that we can BE the change. Although we don’t necessarily need to uncover deeply buried beliefs to resolve them- sometimes the process gives us an opportunity to be open and vulnerable in a way that serves us when we put it all out there.

For many, there is a certain amount of pain that we will experience because for some reason pain is often the catalyst to move us into a completely different way of “BEing” and “seeing”.  If we are willing to honestly look at it all, we may be freed from chains we never knew we were bound by. My hope is that the journey self-exploration might provide some clarity and or direction as it has for me.

These are the *original agreements-

Be Impeccable With Your Word       |      Don’t Take Anything Personally

Don’t Make Assumptions                  |      Always Do Your Best

In my interpretation of these agreements- “My Agreements with Me”, there is more to look at and contemplate- if you are willing. Turns out that it’s a year of reflection; but only if you’re ready to look in the mirror.

Each week we will take a section of the writing below and take a closer look at it. We will question, explore and discover. There are no right or wrong answers- There is only your own inner wisdom that will speak to you~ guiding, reminding, encouraging and revealing to you your own Truth.

Journaling is encouraged. You may already know that there is another voice that talks to you all the time? The one that lives in your head- sometimes referred to as the “crazy roommate”.  It’s important that you pay attention to him/her – that’s the one always finding reasons to back out, sleep in, make excuses or give up. It’s the one that feels anxious, depressed, scared, weak, limited and unworthy. It’s the one that will tell you that there’s nothing left to do because you have arrived! For those who have done some personal growth work, you may think that because you spent a weekend working on personal development, 90 days on a fast track, have a license or  some letters behind your name- that there is nothing left to do but coach others. Don’t believe it.

Your True Self, the Real Self that I spoke of earlier, doesn’t play in the arena of lack and limitation. There is always growth and expansion from wherever we are. Because we have dominion over our thoughts and we are free to choose in every moment- sometimes we think that the True/Real Self has left or gone MIA, but the Truth is that our True/Real Self is Always there, in all ways and all the time- patiently waiting (and it will wait, and wait, and wait- even for a lifetime) for us to get realigned, back to center, and authentically on course. That is the beauty, the power the mystery and the trip of free will. Turns out we get to be right about everything- every thought, every idea, every opinion, belief, conclusion, illusion, suggestion, projection or interpretation we make up.

Maybe it’s time to look in the mirror…


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