A promise to commit to a brand new way of being and seeing

To be expansive is to be far-reaching and inclusive. It means to move beyond my current level of comfort-ability. A few good questions to ask are- Am I only inclusive with those I know? What would far-reaching look like if it pertained to meeting or talking with someone new? How can I be expansive in my ways of BEing and SEEing?

Do I tend to see things in only one particular way? Or think that others should believe in the same things that I believe in? Maybe I judge others that they are wrong and dammed if they don’t follow the same path that I do. When was the last time I tried something new or did something that was uncomfortable, pushed my limits, or gave myself an opportunity to consider another perspective? Am I generally closed or open-minded?

If I were to be “committed” to a more expansive way of being and seeing, what would that look like? How would I hold myself accountable to being and doing something different?

It’s been said that Life is a Laboratory, in other words; a place to experiment, research, question, explore and discover.

How can I BE or what can I do different or outside “my normal” this week?

Possible suggestions:

  • Talk to someone at work or school that you have not talked with before
  • Offer to buy and have lunch with someone you don’t know
  • Have coffee with a neighbor you don’t know
  • If you’re not a dancer, go outside of your home and go dancing
  • If you’re not a singer, sing karaoke in front of others
  • Sign up to volunteer
    • Consider giving back where you have experienced pain. For example; if you grew up with domestic violence, give your time at a DV shelter. If you grew up without a father, consider mentoring at a boys and girls club.
  • Visit a church that believes something other than what you believe
  • Repair a broken relationship

I will Be RISKY! I will commit to being honest and vulnerable. I will do something that involves other people and I will not hide out. I will have an experience outside of my “comfort zone”. What do I Believe is possible?

The thing I will do outside of my comfort zone is: ______________________________________________

*What new or current goals do I have that are in alignment with me being open, vulnerable and risky? Who in my life could be an accountability partner? Someone I could create an agreement with to help me stay on track with my goals? Or someone I would feel good about sharing these new experiences with?

Accountability Partner ________________________________________________________________

√ Shared my goals

√ Learned what their goals are

√ Scheduled a 5-10 minute window weekly or bi-weekly to follow up


This week, as I practice BEing and SEEing unconditionally,

I will focus on what is possible ~



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