I know that these agreements afford me the ability to live out my highest truth and vision, and I give thanks for the many blessings that return to me as I embrace my authentic self

Being “Authentic” means you are real and genuine and not a copy, and by the way…

You are not meant to be anyone else. You are an original blessing and you are here purposefully and powerfully- whether you recognize that or not. You have free will and dominion over your thoughts and actions and you are always at choice to follow your inner guidance or not- and just because you are not following it, does not mean it doesn’t exist…

Regarding authenticity- Do you say what you mean and mean what you say? Can you speak your truth without making others wrong about their truth, or give your opinion without second guessing yourself? Are you able to accept constructive criticism without being offended? Imagine not making other people responsible for the way you feel or feeling like you don’t matter or don’t belong. Are you living an authentic life? Are you on a path that you are proud to call your own? Are you following your internal guidance? Intuitively you know the answers to these questions and if you are on track with the highest vision for your life.

Your highest Truth is that you are Perfect, Whole and Complete. You are not broken, unworthy or incapable. The challenge for many of us is that we don’t embrace who we are. We have this idea that something is missing and that we don’t measure up.

For many there is no vision, no goals, no plan and no purpose.

There is an epidemic going on; a shortage of vision, a disconnection with a higher power and purpose, a disembodiment and not feeling connected in your own skin. There is a sense of victimization, a feeling of depression, anxiety, fear and separation- and many have decided that solution is opioids, prescription drugs, painkillers, alcohol and the many other ways we numb out, check out and turn off.

What if my focus was in the wrong place? Where is my attention and intention and what do I desire? If I were speaking my truth, what would I be saying? Who would I be supporting? Where would I be serving? What would by life’s message be? What would be my legacy?

What we focus on expands- write it out, plan it out and spell it out even if it seems far-fetched and unreachable. We are creators and we can be deliberate about what we are creating.

When we take 100% responsibility for our lives, it includes a vision. A vision is an invitation into imagination and inspiration. It is an opportunity to co-create beyond appearances, excuses, failures, mistakes or regrets… It is the power of anticipating that which may or will come to be.

What is my Vision for my life?

This week I am writing a new vision for my life-

I am going to write it as though I am looking back 5 years from now- I am going to write it from a place of thanks and gratitude for all the ways my life is exciting and fulfilling. What would my life look like? Who would be in it? What would I have done? Where would I have been? Who are the incredible people I have met?  What would I have seen? What would I have experienced and accomplished? How does it feel? This new vision for my life will be my focus and my commitment. It is where I will include my desires and it is where I will place my attention and intention.




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