I am impeccable with my word

Impeccable means to be in accordance with the highest standards, to be faultless. We are human, so being faultless is probably not realistic, however how is my relationship with my word? Does my word have the highest standard and what does that even mean? Long before paper contracts, agreements were made, and deals were done on your word. A handshake was a verbal commitment and a man was only as good as his word.

If you told someone you would take care of something, they would never worry or second guess about whether it would actually happen, because you would make sure of it, no matter what- there wasn’t a question or discussion, it was just handled.

Imagine that same commitment in your everyday life- when you told your spouse you would call them right back, or when you promised your child you would play with them in 5 minutes. Maybe you mentioned to a co-worker you would help out or made an agreement with a friend you would be there at a certain time. Can the people who know you trust your word? Do you do what you say you’re going to do?

The foundation for a word that is impeccable is trust and integrity. When you are, or decide to be a man or woman of your word, there is a shift in the level of respect you receive from others and the amount of respect you have for yourself. This is not to say that you will be perfect all time, however you will do whatever it takes to keep your word and if for some reason you must break your word, you communicate to get on the same page and get back in alignment with your word.

There was a man that once had a business; many people worked for him in different rolls and in multiple pay scales although everyone wanted a “special arrangement” with him for one reason or another. The man promised everyone that his agreement was black and white, on a contract that it was the same for everyone. Over time though he found different reasons and excuses to make those “special arrangements”. In the end, the price he paid was the loss of his company and relationships because he failed to be a man of his word.

What are the prices you are paying for breaking your word? And what are the prices others are paying because you do not keep your word?

What about your word with yourself? For many people, it is here where they have an even bigger challenge of keeping their word. What have you been wanting to do that you haven’t been able to keep your word with yourself? Where have you fallen short when it comes to you? Self-care is usually one of the first things that are given up in order to take care of everyone else. How is your word with you?

This is my opportunity and my year to really look at myself and my commitments, to look in the mirror at my own behaviors, my self-talk, my vision and my word with myself.

This week will be devoted to paying attention. To writing down and paying close attention to where I am breaking my word with myself and others. The first thing I will look at is my journey with this process “My Agreements with Me”.

How have I done over the previous four weeks? In 30 days, have I been able to compete the four exercises? Did I set some goals and ask for accountability? Did I attempt to expand my way of being and seeing by doing something uncomfortable or unfamiliar? Did I do the forgiveness work and release and let go of something that was holding me back? Have I created a vision for my life?

No one else is responsible for my success or failure and this process gives me an opportunity to be real with myself. Am I willing to create a better relationship with my word?

What if all that was needed was my personal faith in my own ability to trust myself and to honor my own word and my life? What would be possible?



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