and I use my heart and intuition as my guidance

A man boards a train with his two children, although they are nicely dressed their behavior seems to be a bit unruly. They are running and jumping and not paying much attention to the elderly lady sitting near the front with her book. As they continue to run and laugh and play another passenger approaches their father to ask him if he could do something about the kids. The father turned to the passenger and politely said- I understand that they are a little overbearing however their mother just passed away and this is the first time I’ve heard them laugh in a couple of weeks. If its ok with you, I’d rather not say anything.

In an instant, our perspective is shifted. The circumstance did not change, the environment was the same and the only thing different was that for a moment we moved from our thinking mind into our heart.

It’s amazing that we have the power to do this in each and every single moment. We don’t need an excuse, we don’t need a story or a reason- we can simply choose to change our frame of reference. Can you imagine how powerful that could be if we made an intentional practice of using our heart and intuition as our guidance system?

There is an opportunity to really pay attention to where in the body you feel the first signs of something going south. There will only be a split second to make a conscious decision, to locate where in the body there is dis-ease (upset) and take a deep breath- you could actually dissolve the negative energy and shift in the very moment that something was coming up.

The patterning of the mind is to label what we feel, to name it and blame it, to make the cause of our problem outside of ourselves and immediately when that happens our thinking mind has completely taken over. For some it could be several hours, days, months or years and even a lifetime to move back into the heart.

We will defend and argue for our limitations, so much evidence to be right and righteous, so many memories to stay in unforgiveness and the walls get taller and taller and the heart gets buried and trapped in all of that pain and negative energy.

The reality of a protected heart is burned bridges, broken relationships and deep unforgiveness. It plays out in our homes and in our lives as arguments, chaos, disease, ailments, fights, war, depression, addiction and suicide.

It is written that our mind was always supposed to be a servant to our hearts and yet they say that the longest distance is that 12-18 inch journey. The sad truth is that some people never take the journey and the crazy thing is- is that you would never know. Everything looks great on the outside- Cover it, mask it, hide it and live behind this false perception that everything is ok when the truth is that something is longing to be freed…

Intuition is another amazing gift we have, we are able to actually know things without conscious reasoning- we just know… What would happen if we had a practice of trusting our gut, and our inklings and nudges? What if we made a decision to call that person when they crossed our mind or say hello to that person that we felt a connection to. What if in the moment of frustration, we decided to breath and anchor in such a way that we were not just reacting and defending.

This week I will commit to using my heart and intuition as my guidance. I will keep one eye on the inside- consciously and mindfully practicing to anchor in my heart and to allow that to be my guidance. Deeply rooted in a place of peace. I Choose Love.


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