I know that my character, my honesty and my integrity are all defined by my word-

Let’s see if we can dive a little deeper into the meaning here- character is related to morals and morals are knowing the difference between right and wrong. Honesty is about truthfulness, sincerity and having a freedom from fraud while integrity is about the steady devotion to these principles.

The opportunity here is to go within- to look in the mirror at myself and my word- the words I use with myself and others, the integrity I either have or don’t have and my honesty around everything- from the little white lie to complete deceit and dishonoring of myself and others.

This is certainly not to be taken lightly; there are extreme prices to pay when we find ourselves in the middle of circumstances that remind us that we are not on track. The contrast can be unimaginably painful and yet it is an amazing blessing to be able to look at the evidence and results of my life and to be able to make a conscious decision to stay on a path that perpetuates mediocrity or to draw a line in the sand.

What are the morals I stand for? How do I stand in my own truth even in the face of adversity or others who may not have a standard in their own lives? What am I willing to risk, lose or walk away from to stand for something? No one has the answers to these questions except you. Maybe it’s easier to not have a standard and to just go with the flow- although somehow, I think the soul knows…it’s the constant reminder that were off track, the dull pain, the subtle ache, the little whisper or the big red truck.

Are you a healer, coach or advisor who is out of alignment with your own words and teaching?

Are you a sales person who’s in it just for the buck?

Are you a dentist who is pulling teeth when your patient has no aliment or sign of decay? (YES! this is a real thing!!)

Are you a husband who gives more time to porn than time to your wife and kids?

Are you a wife who is lying to your husband about where money is being spent?

Are you playing catfish because you’re not ok with who you are?

Is your sexual addiction so out of control that you have completely lost yourself?

Is your heroin addiction keeping you away from your family, is it painful to be in your skin?

Do you need to pop a pill just to get through the day? Or to end each night with a drink or several so you can sleep.

Maybe it’s a little more subtle… are you in a marriage where you spend most of your time alone? Is he in front of the TV while you are managing everything else? Do you feel that her friends are more important than your needs? Are you just surviving and/or getting by?

We know the answers intuitively-

There comes a time when being out of alignment no longer serves me- when the decision to be in complete integrity with myself means that I am ready to trust God, the process,  the Universe, Spirit, Jesus, Buddha, Father-Mother (whatever you call it) that life is Always conspiring for my greater good and that there is a power in the Universe and I can use it.

Are you willing to have a conversation with yourself about your word?  Are you willing to go deeper- to check yourself on your honesty? Can you be devoted to be the witness? To really pay attention to how you’re showing up?

What if my word was everything?



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