and I vow to never use my words as a weapon or an excuse.

A weapon is a thing that is designed for injury or bodily harm, a means for gaining an advantage and an excuse is used to defend or justify. Most of us have experienced a full-blown argument where the words felt as though they were actually inflicting physical pain.

Things said that could never be taken back and some things said will be remembered for a lifetime because of the intensity of the words and the feelings they elicited. Internal scars that feel as though they will never heal. Some will spend the rest of their lives attempting to figure out what is wrong them or why they don’t matter, others will build walls or steel cages and vow to never forgive or let anyone in- meanwhile hating the reality they are living in.

Isn’t it interesting how one moment can shape an entire life? It is amazing how much power our word has-  the power of a thousand suns someone once said. The power to create, the power to heal, the power to forgive and accept, and equally there is a power to shame, blame, hurt, manipulate, deify and destroy.

There is a relentless voice, the one that lives in our heads- the one that we hear when no one is around. It is the voice that was programmed long before we knew that it would control the way we see the world- the voice that defines, defends and argues for every limitation. It does everything in its power to keep us safe, small and quiet. Never to be seen or heard.

Meanwhile, another voice exists within us- it’s a still small voice from somewhere deep within. It is actually the truth of who we are, and it is whispering and remining- it is also relentless its pursuit to remind you that you are enough and that you matter. It is the voice of dreams and possibilities, of passions, visions and aspirations. It is the voice of certainty and it will return again and again for a lifetime; beckoning you to remember, encouraging you to take action and inviting you to believe in your strength and your purpose.

It’s important that you know that once you make a decision to rise up and anchor in – to whatever vision you decide to create for your life, every excuse will be right there waiting for you. I’m not smart enough, I don’t have enough money, I’m afraid, I don’t know how, I’m too fat, I’m not good enough and I don’t have what it takes. The list goes on and on and the voice of doubt, fear, rejection and unworthiness will go into overdrive to keep you right where you are.

I choose this day to draw a line in the sand- to make a vow, a solemn (from the soul) promise to never use my words as a weapon or an excuse. I remember to be mindful that whether it is my own inner voice or the words that I speak out loud- they are powerful and impactful. I will use my voice for good because I understand the hurt and pain I am inflicting on myself and others when I use my words as a weapon, and that is not the place I want to live from. Today I will pay close attention to how I show up for myself and for others.

I will not make excuses. I will be disciplined and courageous- I will remember that I am always learning and growing. I will take a stand for what is right. Today is a blessing, it is a new beginning. I take advantage of every opportunity to be kind and considerate and I will be thoughtful of the words I use.



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