I recognize that we are all on a journey- learning, growing, discovering, finding, reaching and figuring out our own plan.

We really are on a journey- it’s a journey of self-discovery. It’s a beautiful story of YOU accepting and loving yourself beyond all appearances, mistakes and regrets. We are all individually and collectively learning, growing, discovering, finding, reaching and figuring out our own plan.

It’s true, we are all in various places on our life’s journey, and as much as it would be wise to stay on the path of growth- we are human. We remember and forget, we hide and get found, we hurt and heal, we love ourselves and we self-sabotage, we judge and are joyful, we celebrate and condemn, we feast and then experience famine, we know pleasure and pain, love and loss and everything else in between.

There is no right or wrong in the way of contrast, in other words, how can I measure pleasure without knowing pain? If I am a fish in water, I don’t know the depth, the clarity, the importance and the feeling of water until I am without it AND it is only in the absence or in the contrast that I can even clarify my desire to be and stay in the water.

This simple yet profound explanation could be the elixir of love and understanding that would heal all wounds, unite enemies, build bridges and cultivate faith. It would give new meaning to seek understanding beyond all appearances.

Do you remember the prodigal son? How he got lost and spent all he had? He longed not only for food but to go back home to shelter, safety and the love of family.

Have you ever gotten lost? Have you ever made an error in your judgment or in your behavior that hurt someone in a way that you didn’t even know you were capable of?

Have you ever needed to ask for forgiveness? Have you ever learned from your mistake, or decided to draw a line in the sand for what you stood for because maybe there were times in your life that you didn’t stand for anything?

So, the son went home; head down, ashamed, embarrassed, feeling completely unworthy, not knowing what would happen when he went back – he confessed his of his errors in judgement and his father looked at him with such compassion and immediately forgave him- not only was he forgiven, they celebrated with an enormous feast. His father recognized that his son who once was dead was now found.

The lesson is profound- and possibly more profound to those who have genuinely felt sorrow and remorse for actions that caused another harm. To those who have been embarrassed and ashamed, who’s pain was beyond regretful, for those who may have wanted to die in the face of their mistake- this forgiveness is a resurrection. This forgiveness will literally give new life to the one who suffers internally.

There is no way to measure the enormity of this kind of forgiveness. It is beyond understanding, beyond our human comprehension. We want to measure everything, tick for tack- Forgive for yourself so you don’t poison yourself – it’s all true and yet there is something about the depth of love when you truly forgive and it’s not just the receiver, the gift of forgiveness opens the heart of the giver in ways that will alter the path of life forever…

We are all on a journey, learning growing, discovering, finding, reaching and figuring out our own plan. Today I consciously bring love and compassion because it changes everything.


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