When I stay committed to my highest vision, when I am in integrity with myself, I approach others with patience and humility.

When I stay committed to my highst vision; this in itself is such an important sentence. Before I can be committed to my highest vision, I must first have a vision. When this journey started 15 weeks ago, creating a vision for our lives was one of the first steps. Having a vision that is written down is so important- it helps to provide clarity. Writing it down and spelling it out gives us the opportunity to work backwards to create a roadmap with milestones and benchmarks – indicators that we are on the right track.

It is said that where there is no vision, the people will perish. Having a vision gives us something to work towards, it is where we focus on our passion and our purpose and where we get to decide and declare for ourselves what is possible.

If you have a vision written down, congratulations! If you still need to get your vision from your head onto paper- return to week 4 to write down your vision.

The interesting thing is this; when we have a vision, when we are working towards something big or something we are excited about- we don’t have the drama. We’re too busy getting things done. Were excited about the possibilities, were on fire following our deepest desires and moving forward feels good. If your life is in chaos and you feel a lack of direction and purpose- it is likely that you don’t have a vision and/or goals that you are working on and chances are that you may be suffering internally. This is not to say that life doens’t happen or that things are perfect when you have a vision, however there is a gap between people who have ambitions and aspirations that they are following and those who do not.

When I am in integrity with myself, I listen to the still small voice within- the one that is reminding me that I am strong, powerful and worthy. When I am in integrity with myself, I don’t need to pretend to be someone I’m not. I love and accept myself, I decide what virtues and morals I stand for and what Im willing to stand up for, I set boundaries and standards for myself and for my life and use them to guide me AND I draw a line in the sand to those people, places or things that are not in alignment with my highest vision.

These seeminly insignificant choices in our lives are actually monumental. The results and experiences we have in our lives will be in direct proportion to the vision or lack of vision we have in our lives.

When we know and understand this message and these ideas to be truth- we do approach others with patience and humility. “Forgive them father for they do not know” – instead of making judgements or throwing stones at others for where they have been or what they have done instead; we choose to be curious, to learn more about where another has been, we listen with the desire to understand. For those who are ready to grow, they will hear and recognize- these words will be inspiring and they will offer hope and possibility.

For the one that is ready to go within, to look for answers from the inside out – for the one who starts with gratitude and finishes with grace and humility – much is guaranteed.

Today I recommit to my highest vision- I start right where I am, releasing all judgments and comparisons. I attune myself to the highest vision and possibility for my life and I consciously make decisions and choices that support my goals  to ensure that I am on a path of growth. I am patient with myself and others and I remember that life is always conspiring for my greater good…


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