and I forgive myself and others for our misgivings.

Forgiveness is the process of purification- it is a line in the sand, a fresh start, a conscious choice and another chance to being again. Forgiveness & Love are the perfect elixir to  heal all things; condemnation, neglect, wrongdoing, jealousy, hate, judgement, prejudice, adultery, violence and war.

The process of forgiveness however is not to be taken lightly, when we draw a line in the sand, take a stand or commit to a new way of showing up- we must do it or suffer the natural consequences of cause and effect.

We can not expect to have or create positive outcomes if we are mired in behaviors, circumstances or situations that are not fair and just and of honesty and integrity. One way that we can really identify this for ourselves is to notice if we are the same person everywhere we go? If there are certain behaviors that some people do not see, habits and language that are kept hidden or things that are discussed or expressed that cannot be shared openly- there is probably an opportunity to get clear.

Forgiveness of self requires that a new behavior be embraced. True forgiveness sees inward at the hurt caused to another and commits to a new way of being. There is no tricking the soul- one cannot move out of unforgiveness while still causing harm to others.

Acceptance and forgiveness of another can offer freedom from pain, liberation from toxic energy that is consistently attacking, and it can also offer what to some is considered – the 3rd way. It is the unknowable path that can only be discovered through the forgiveness process.

In 1988, Darryl Green got the call that his younger brother had been stabbed to death at the local bowing ally over a pair of tennis shoes. In the moments and days that followed he wanted nothing but revenge to honor the life of his brother Ruben whom he would never see again. He never imagined that forgiveness would be an option, as he says, ‘It its not me, it is God” when his friends questioned how he could forgive his brother’s killer. Darryl found forgiveness and compassion as he came to realize “this kid was 15 years old and couldn’t even clean his own room, but he made a huge decision that would affect the rest of his life. I talk to him all the time and he told me it took three seconds of rage that changed the course of his life. Forgiveness is not really about the other person, it is about you.”

Darryl’s life’s work is now about teaching others, His company is DeepForgivenes and his mission is to analyze the impact of forgiveness, encourage conversation and the healing power thereof; we strive to restore wholeness and a spirit of reconciliation as we embody the true meaning of forgiveness.

No one could have imagined all of the good or have foreseen all the possibility of what some may have considered unforgivable. The 3rd way – the way of unforeseen possibility,

of forgiveness- offers ideas, passions and possibilities that are sourced from the Spirt. They are unknowable and cannot be figured out in the mind. It is the work of the heart, the elixir of love and the power of Spirit that only know. Our opportunity is to trust, to have faith and to forgive.




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