I don’t assume anything.

What does life look like when I don’t assume anything? I don’t make up stories about what things mean. It means that my communication is impeccable, or at least Im making an effort and that I seek first to understand rather than to role play things out in my mind. How often do we do that?

We’re feeling good about life and our relationships and then someone behaves in a certain way and we take it to the worst case sinearo. We think about it so much that we elaborate on every horrible detail and gather evidence of the past to support a point of view and thought process that is entirely made up. We go into fight mode and we bring a negative energy to the other person and begin to create a reality that matches our negativity. We can even go so far as to single ourselves out; to think that we don’t matter and that we don’t belong meanwhile others have no clue what is going on inside because we “play the role” we act as though everything is ok when in fact we feel anger, depression, anxiety, jealousy and pain all the while showing a smile. I assume I don’t matter, that Im not enough, that I don’t belong and that what I have to contribute means nothing when that’s not the truth at all. What does life look like when Im not assuming the worst?

What if I were able to keep one eye on the inside and just notice where I am in my body- interestingly enough when we decide to be led by the heart and not our minds our perspective begins to shift. I am able to let someone else be who they are and allow them to have their experience without thinking it has anything to do with me. How do we begin to change a pattern, a thought process and behavior that has been running on auto-pilot our whole lives?

Its about tuning in, about making a conscious choice to pay attention to where I am operating from. Am I in my head making things up? Do I have all of the facts? Am I willing to see the situation from another perspective? We have an amazing amount of freedom to choose how we will see our world and what we will make of our stories-and interestingly enough, our stories will set the stage for all that we experience in our life.

What if we made a decision to consciously pay attention to the times when we are angry, upset and assuming? What if we took a moment to stop, breathe and ground from a different place? What if our perspective was creating our reality and all we had to do was change our perspective? We’ve been running on auto-pilot for a long, thinking that “it’s just the way things are” when in fact it’s the way it is because we are 100% responsible for our relationships and our results and if we are not satisfied with our current state of affairs- the only place that we can go that will have a lasting effect is within…

Today I start with me, I commit to being the witness and to notice how I am reacting, responding and showing up in general. I will pay attention to the voices in my head and notice if it is a voice of acceptance, love and possibility or if it is one of judgement, fear and contradiction. Today I choose not to assume anything.


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