and for my results. (I accept full and total responsibility)

What does the sum total of my life look like? What things am I proud of? Where am I devoted and making a difference? Where do I give my time and energy? How is my health and wellbeing? How’s my work and personal contribution. How are my relationships with others and myself? Am I showing up authentically? Is my life’s path the one I want to be on? Am I inspired or inspiring? Am I leaving a legacy I would be proud of?

If I am to accept full and total responsibility for my results, it would be a good idea to take a look at the entire picture, the full scope and sum total of my results- an inventory of everything.

This is not about blame, shame or guilt. It’s about taking an honest look at where things are on track and where there is room for improvement or maybe a complete overhaul. In the very beginning of this journey we talked about a vision for your life, some people refer to it as a blueprint, a compass or a life map. Did you create one for yourself? Are you moving in the direction of something that you can measure? Or are you just moving in a circle with no particular goal, destination or end result in mind?

Most of those who have achieved a desired level of success have the same consistent message about writing down our goals and vision. It’s basically a requirement; it’s important to have an intention so that you know where to give your attention to. Without it, were on an undirected journey. The opportunity is to be a deliberate creator; to choose, create, explore, discover and experience the ideas and dreams that live in our core. When we give our attention to this; to possibility and expansion, to excitement and enthusiastic anticipation we operate from an energy of positivity.

The flip side of that is fear; it’s being so caught up the ego or protective personality that the voice of unworthiness and not good enoughness keep us from doing anything outside of our comfort level.

Remember the seed? What we plant grows- the tomato seed is not coming up corn or daises. We don’t know how it happens, but we trust the soil which is the creative medium that makes its growth possible. We know that if we dig up the seed before it has a chance to do what it does- we ruin the process. While we are patiently waiting- well some not so patiently- however even if you are staring at the soil waiting and wishing for things to come up, it doesn’t make the process any faster. We must also tend to the garden; sharpening tools, tilling, watering, fertilizing, pruning, protecting and managing the overall needs of the garden. And what happens if we stop midway? The weeds are certain to choke out the life of the garden. We don’t know why, it’s just the way it works and if having a healthy harvest is important to us, we will have to tend to it daily.

The same is true for us- are your dreams and desires full and ripe with experiences and results the way you intended? What does daily tending look like? What must you be doing on a daily basis and who must you become to create it? YOUR Life IS the garden– how is your harvest? Is it what you want? Are you willing to cultivate your mind-set? water your dreams, fertilize your income, protect your space, nurture your Spirituality and tend to your health and well-being? Who or what represents the weeds in your life that need to be removed? You are the gardener and the harvest is your life ~ your thoughts, words and actions are the seeds you are planting and everything that you put into it will become the fruits of your life. What you reap you sow and what you plant will grow…

Today I recommit myself to my results; I speak my truth and plant seeds of possibility.


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