If there is something I need to know, I ask.

How often do you need help and don’t ask for it? How many times would it have been helpful to have support but instead you made up a story about why you couldn’t or shouldn’t ask for it- maybe they’re too busy, or I’m not on their list of “important” people. So, you don’t ask, you don’t know and right within that decision we are back to assuming. Creating stories, toxins and worst case sinearo.

The other side of this coin is that you might be the one being asked, and you are not communicating honestly and authentically. This game can go on for a lifetime. It’s detrimental in relationships. Don’t ask, don’t tell. Sweep it all under the rug, let’s not focus on anything that is important. We will give all of our time to fun and recreation, spin and tumble in the drama of things and never get to greatness.

Each one of us has an opportunity to respond instead of react, to listen instead of assume and to ask and be real about our answers. Imagine if every time you withheld the truth an incurable scar appeared on your skin where it was visible to all, imagine a lifetime of lies, secrets, half-truths and hidden agendas. You would literally be untouchable – so filled with scars that you would need to find something to numb the pain. Now the interesting thing is this… those scars are real, they may not be visible for all to see- but you know the truth. Another hit on the pipe, another drink, another pill, another man or woman in your bed and on and on and on.

There is a world of support, encouragement, love, harmony and acceptance and the question is- what world are you living in?

We are almost halfway through the journey of My Agreements with Me. Your vision is written out, you’ve created an inventory of your life and your relationships- now what does real support look like? Who is your foxhole buddy? Who is holding you accountable? Find a mentor, ask for help, be vulnerable. What will you create? Be accountable to yourself and ask for help.

We are all busy and people still have time, and if they don’t- move on. We get one chance in this physical body in this lifetime to be deliberate creators. We can stand back on the sidelines hoping someone notices the struggle or we can put ourselves out there in a way that is unique, special, vulnerable and authentically you.

There is no need to apologize or ask for forgiveness or permission. You have done the work and if you are honest with yourself you have drawn a line in the sand because you understand the necessity and the blessing of being in integrity all of the time.

They say, “Ask and it is given” and “Where there is no vision, the people will perish”. You have a vision and you are asking. Don’t sell yourself short and don’t expect people to read between the lines. Ask for what you need and stay committed to this path of growth.

This week I will be clear in asking for what I need. I invite support, collaboration, new friendships and positive influences into my life.

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