If there is something missing, I do the best I can to articulate and express who and what I am, and what it is that I need or desire.

If there is something missing- meaning I am not going to assume or guess about anything whether it’s about someone else or myself. Life gives us a continual opportunity to refine and refine- we never arrive to a particular place and say “Im all done here, there’s no more growth or learning”. It’s a journey of uncovering, questioning and exploring, and once we recognize this we find that there is always an opportunity to look in the mirror and ask if something is missing.

If there is something missing in any area of life- whether it is the relationship with myself or others, with my health, career or contribution- it is my responsibility to find the discipline, commitment, motivation, passion, and/or solution. How you articulate and express yourself is controlled by no one. Do we sometimes give our power to others or shrink in the presence of others- absolutely we do AND that does not mean that others are responsible for our results. That is actually part of the standing in your power and owning your life and your purpose. You and you alone are responsible for your life, your relationships and your results and when you make a commitment to yourself to BE Yourself and to express authentically, there will be a strength and power that rise up to meet that higher consciousness.

What is your desire? What wants to express? All too often, when we write our goals and vision-  in many cases it is the vision of others or what we think they want or expect of us. We want to make them proud, we never want to disappoint or let anyone down.

What still wants to be expressed? What in you wants to come alive, wants to be a part of something bigger? What do you desire to become?

Maybe it’s all outlined in your vision and maybe it’s a brand-new desire to express even more fully. Let that desire, that impulse, that passion, that feeling rise up within you. HAVE IT! Let your ideas and imagination give birth to whatever it is inside of you that is calling to express. The very word “De-Sire” is Latin meaning “of the Father”. In other words, it is gifted to you from the Father- of Spirit, God or Source. Call it what you will, there is no denying it and it is an authentic, meaningful, powerful gift that you are worthy of having. If it wasn’t intended to be you, you wouldn’t have the desire.

Make no mistake; our true, authentic desires that are of the Father, hurt no one. They do not exploit or disempower others. They do not cheat, lie, steal or give false information. They are born of the heart and are only for good. We, each one of us- are the hands and feet, the ones who have the honor and privilege to live full out- to BE, DO and HAVE everything we desire. How will you let your desire lead you and what opportunities might lie ahead if you asked for support in areas where you feel that something is missing or depleted?

Let this be the focus this week. How can I and how will I express even more fully? I will pay attention to the desires and impulses that rise up within me and I will let them have their way. I will make that call, reach out, investigate, search, find, discover and accept all of the good feelings, ideas and support that shows up.


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