I will not create my own doubt, animosity, confusion, illusion, bitterness, suspicion or conflict based on speculation.

As we begin the deliberate practice of being a creator in our own lives- we continue to explore and implement new practices that will help in moving shifting our perspective and grounding in such a way that we are not moved from our own sense of purpose. The truth is that each one of us is a unique, powerful and amazing blessing and as we stay committed to a path of growth we will be more intentional about the way we show up in the world- and when we get really committed to our personal vision (the one created from our hearts desire) we won’t have room or time to write stories or stay in drama that keep us off track.

Last week the goal was to notice our thinking and BEingness and to be mindful of what stories we were making up. How often did doubt, animosity, confusion, illusion, bitterness, suspicion or conflict come up? How often were there reasons and excuses that kept the vision on pause while your attention was placed on everything besides what you said you wanted?

There are so many distractions and if its not our own story writing, it’s the stories of other people. Often times we make their drama our own, we get so wrapped up in their stuff that our time is consumed with everyone and everything besides our own vision. Add to the mix the importance we place on posting, tweeting, snapping and chatting and there goes all of the extra time we had to work on our goals, dreams and vision.

It will be our discipline and commitment that determine whether or not we get what we say we want. It comes down to the choices we are making about everything and in every area of our lives- it’s a day by day and sometimes a moment by moment decision. The question will always come back to me. What am I committed to and what are the choices that am I making?

The journey is ongoing, and the opportunities are endless AND the moment that that we get clear about our life, our vision and our value-  once we accept it and own it as our opportunity and our responsibility, we will get excited about every choice that we are making.

I  will get focused, and my doubt will be channeled into direction, my animosity will be replaced with adaptability, confusion will be transformed into conscious choice making. The thin veil of my illusions will finally fall away, and my bitterness will become happiness. Suspicion will be saturated with all things good and in harmony with my highest vision and conflict will fuel my creativity to find solutions. The only thing that I will speculate and ponder on is that if it is to be it is up to me.

Everything from this point forward will be intentional. From the way I see the world to the things I choose to be involved in – I will lean into my fears and I will come to know them in a deep and intimate way. I recognize that there truly is nothing and no one that keeps me from my good and I will continue to release anything that keep me from my highest good.

This week I will pay attention to the stories that I am writing and my ongoing self-talk. I will be intentional about the stories I am writing and if I’m going to write them anyway- I am going to make it good!

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