I am clear and conscious-

The definition of clear is free from darkness, obscurity or cloudiness and that is exactly where we are headed- to be authentic so that our thoughts, feelings and actions are in alignment. We will discover that being transparent means that I can tell my story- good, bad, right or wrong without fear or anxiety of being rejected. When I am conscious, it means that I have decided to be fully awake, aware and alive and to fully participate in life. It’s deciding that I am worthy and capable and that I choose to be trusting, trustworthy and full in.

We know that the words “I AM” are critical- because whatever we say after “I AM” Will Be. So, beginning now, this is the foundation and the affirmations I set for myself-

I am safe

I belong

I am smart 

I am loved 

I am enough 

I am important 

I have something to contribute 

I am not alone

I am safe and even if there are things that happen that are outside of my control, I will not be a casualty to them.

I belong, I know that I belong because I am here, my contribution matters and I am valuable.

I am smart, I have an intelligence and internal guidance system that lives within me and I am a powerful creator in my life.

I am enough, I affirm my strength, intelligence and personal power. I understand that life is for and never against me and I have all of the support I need. Life is good.

I am important, in this amazing tapestry of life- my role and my vision maters.

I have something to contribute, it’s more than just an idea. It’s a desire that lives within my heart. It’s the part of me that continues grow. I am committed to greatness.

I am not alone, I am loved and surrounded by those who see me bigger than I see myself. They challenge encourage and inspire me.

This week I step into the great I AM with enthusiasm. I recognize that I AM a powerful co-creator in this life and I choose to see what’s good and what’s working. I am in the process of transformation and I give thanks for the blessings of new experiences, knowing fear and saying yes.


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