I use my time, my energy and my voice for resolution and solution.

My time is precious, and I will use it wisely. I will do what is hard first and I will also remember to acknowledge myself and continue to celebrate my wins along the way. I’ve decided to believe that things are always happening for me and not to me. From this perspective, I see clearly. When I get committed, I recognize that there is no time to waste and that I must be disciplined in the things that I give my time and attention to.

As I continue to grow in all areas of my life; I see that staying committed to my goals and dreams requires me to have an intention and to focus my attention on the things that matter. If I give my time to something that is not moving me forward on my vision, I must re-evaluate. I understand that personal growth and development is a constant opportunity to refine and re-evaluate AND to stay true to myself.

Being committed to resolution means that I don’t allow myself to stay in fear, conflict or confusion. Although things will come up and I may be challenged, I don’t have a pity party for myself and I don’t stay in resistance, resentment or revenge (for very long).

I see myself as a creator; one who is powerful. I have options and as I continue on this path of the agreements I have with myself, I can hear my self-talk changing. It is a voice of good and of possibility. I see that there is support and solutions all around me. I am an advocate for myself and I don’t have expectations of others to make sure I’m ok. I will ask for guidance and support when I need it, I will accept feedback and constructive criticism because it helps me grow and gives valuable contrast.

I remember to surrender in moments of chaos because the only thing I can control is my response, I choose to be vulnerable because sometimes the most amazing connections with others come from our ability to really see another person. I get that when I give, communicate, participate and stay humble- when I do my own work, my relationships begin to support every aspect of my life.

Using my voice for resolution and solution gives me an opportunity to gain clarity and direction like never before. I make a conscious commitment to be engaged, I decide to operate to from true choice, in other words choosing to be authentic and true to myself- saying yes only when I mean yes and knowing that saying no supports me best when I am overcommitted and not when I am avoiding something or someone.

Life gives me a series of opportunities to show up- to use my voice, my heart, my intellect, my energy, my hands and feet, gifts and talents – to be a participant, to show up and to make a difference. I keep saying Yes to that.

This week I will pay close attention to where I am saying yes and to what and who gets my time and attention. I am mindful about where I am placing my focus and what I am committed to. Is it serving me? Is it inspiring me? Is it growing me? Is it getting me closer to my vision?





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