I am committed to greatness.  

Your vision is filled with everything that is important to you. It is a blueprint and a road map to your own personal greatness. The choices you make day by day and moment by moment will determine whether or not you stay on the path that will lead you to your destination. Make no mistake, you came here to be great and you do have the ultimate say as to how you will be great and when you will allow it to happen. For some, it will in their last breath, as they return home to the love that brought them here.

Life is the ultimate opportunity- we are given dominion over our thoughts, we have free choice and free will, we live in an infinite universe with unlimited possibility AND we are sourced with a power and presence that breathes us, guides and directs us and all we have to do is listen and say yes.

It is everything else that gets in the way. Our stories and limiting beliefs, our commitment to lack and limitation and our fear of actually having to get uncomfortable.

Remember the old saying that graveyards are the richest lands of them all because the are filled with books, ideas, inventions, dreams and visions that never came to be. Wouldn’t NOW be a good time to honestly get so committed to your greatness and vision that literally nothing and no one would keep you from it?!

Often times things will happen that are outside of our control. We will experience natural disasters, loss, separation, death and divorce among the many other things that can and will occur. Although they are a part of what we all experience, they don’t have to be the end of our dreams or the new victim story that we get so used to telling. These occurrences have a great significance on our lives and we will make either make a choice to let them negatively define us or we will find the gift and use it to make a difference.

When we really get how much we matter and how great we really are, we will begin to honor our path and our vision in such a way that it becomes the benchmark and the line in the sand for everything that is yet to be. We could hardly know the great plans in store for us as we lay down our weapons of destruction, words of limitation and our fears of being amazing.

I affirm my ultimate good and I am committed to greatness. I trust my inner guidance and I let that power and that strength guide me.

This week I stay honest with myself and I pay attention to when I feel alive with enthusiasm and when I am excited about my vision. I will spend more time there; with those people and those places that support my goals and vision. I commit and recommit daily to taking action, to being on purpose and to doing the little things that all add up.

One decision at a time and one step at a time, I am committed to Greatness!


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