Doing the best I can is such a personal statement- one that cannot be compared with anyone or anything else. My own personal best is something only I have control of.

Isn’t it interesting how some days you can wake up on fire with purpose, so committed to taking positive action, absolutely clear about what needs to be accomplished and unquestionably determined to make things happen. Aren’t they amazing?! We feel so powerful, awake, aware and alive. Those are the days and moments that we are so grounded in knowing who we are and where were going that we don’t question-

We just BE. We are in the moment, we feel inspired and life feels good.

And then there are the other days… the days that we forget. The experience is the exact opposite. Getting out of bed is a struggle, getting motivated is impossible and getting on track with life feels hopeless. It’s discouraging and sometimes it seems like were the only ones who ever feel this way. We go for the phone immediately and check all social media accounts to compare notes and of course everything looks perfect in FB land.

I promise you it is not what it appears to be- we all, each one of us- has those days, moments and sometimes years of feeling like we are wandering in the desert. Some might say that those times are brought on as punishment, and sometimes it feels like punishment-

however, it’s a natural consequence of what happens when our intention and attention is the wrong place AND it is in those moments of contrast; of what is and what is wanted, that give us the opportunity to declare, decide and devote ourselves to something different.

When we start to pay close attention to the things that we are focusing on, we will notice that we feel the way we feel because of the thoughts we are thinking and what we are focusing on. Tony Robbins, a renowned author, philanthropist and life coach has an exercise on focus- he says, look around the room you are in and find everything that is brown. Look hard, look closely and look fast- you only have another minute to take it all in. Now close your eyes and tell me everything you saw that was blue and green. It’s almost impossible right? If you were focusing on everything that was brown and everything that looked like shit, you didn’t see what was blue and green, you missed out on so much.  So the same it goes with life, notice what is being missed because of where the focus is.

When I commit to BE the best I can, I am intentional. I pay attention to what I am focused on, I keep myself accountable to positive action and quitting is not an option. I recognize that loving myself, staying grounded, expressing gratitude and staying in integrity are all requirements.

Its hard to know exactly where we would end up if we chose to add a even only a 1% shift to what we are committed to – If I were flying a from JFK to LAX and I were 1% off course,  I would be nearly 50 miles from my destination. Imagine what would be possible if doing the best I can meant giving just at little bit more. What could I or would I possibly create?!

This week I am committed to doing the best I can-  I will stay on track with my goals, my vision and my life everywhere possible, I’ll give a little more than before.


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