and I start with me. (I will do the best I can)

I will do the best I can, and I start with me. It all starts with me, and in the moment that I decide that it is up to me, that there is nothing and no one standing between me and my highest vision- everything changes.

I recognize that no one has power over me and if there is any place within me that feels negatively triggered by another, it’s time for me to look within. If I desire a loving, generous, prosperous and healthy life, I cannot simultaneously wish harm on others and/or be wrapped up in drama. I will stand firmly planted, anchored to my truth and the vision for my life. I am in charge of me and I choose where I will place my life’s energy and focus.

When I start with me, I lead without judgement- I don’t fear meeting others even if they don’t share the same background, color, religion, opinion, beliefs or sexual orientation. I choose to be accepting of all people because that is the ultimate opportunity- because we really are brothers and sisters in one human family. I will be outwardly focused, the first one to extend a genuine smile, the first one to call, the first to say hello or lend a helping hand or needed friend. I’ll be the first to apologize and the first to assume the best. The first to make amends and the first to forgive. I will be brave and vulnerable, I will give lots of grace and tolerance because there will come a time when I may need it too.

When we activate our bravery, claim our vision and allow ourselves to be guided by our hearts wisdom- we will be transformed, and it will be a blessing to all of those around us.

As we begin to care about ourselves and others in such a way that everything matters- we become solution oriented and everything becomes an opportunity. Even as challenges come up, they do not consume us. In fact, we being to prepare for the best outcome, looking again at all of the areas of our life. We become even more intentional about how we will steward and manage our responsibilities.

We get diligent about discovering what habits we have that are moving us towards our goals and we become even more disciplined in the way we manage our time so that there are no excuses for not moving towards the vision. Life begins to offer up the opportunity for me to engage my humor, to ignite my passion, to tap into my resources, to turn on my excitement and to tune into the truth. And the truth is that its been there all along, it was me whos been out of alignment, focused on the opposite of what I desire and blocking the flow of my own good.

It’s just like the radio station, if I am tuned into FM 98.6 and I don’t like what’s playing- the only way that I can hear something different is to tune into another station. It’s actually more than a station- its’ s frequency and I AM tuning into a new frequency. One of possibility, of prosperity and abundance. One of liberty, joy and abundance.

Today I am open to receive, I recognize that life is always conspiring for my greater good and I lovingly invite that goodness to move to and through me.

This week I will do the best I can and I start with me.




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