I will take care of my needs,

As I continue to commit to a life of growth and expansion I will pay attention to my needs –

If you have ever been aboard an airplane you have seen a presentation on safety. You are specifically told that if for any reason an oxygen mask drops from the overhead compartment, you are to put on your oxygen mask first and then take care of the need of others. It’s pretty clear that if we do put the mask on first, we would not only endanger our own life, it would be impossible to take care of anyone else.

It is important to take care of our needs and yet there is also an opportunity here to recognize how I show up. Am I only committed to taking of myself?

Do I completely disregard myself to take care of others? Do I take care of myself so that I can also be available for someone else? Or do I completely disregard my needs altogether? Where in my life do I have the opportunity to take care of me first? This is not to say that the needs of others won’t be met, rather it is a commitment to stay aware of how I am feeling and meeting my own needs.

What are my beliefs about how I take care of myself and others? Is it “normal” to feel stressed and have anxiety? Do I feel more needed when I am overcommitted? Does putting myself first make me feel like you’re I’m there for others? Or that I need to spend time taking care of others first because that is my job?

Exploring these questions and being aware of the challenges or obstacles we have in regard to our taking care of our own needs will give us an opportunity let go of limiting beliefs, ideas, thoughts and behaviors.

There are many ways to nourish ourselves and how we wake up and commit to the day is an essential part of meeting our needs. When our day starts with deliberate intention for quiet time, prayer and/or meditation we connect to our source in such a way that we feel grounded and anchored. When we feel that sense of connectedness, we are less likely to be moved from feeling centered when we experience challenges, problems and obstacles. In fact, as we continue to focus on our vision and create our day from a place of being purposeful, we experience a sense of fulfillment, excitement and clarity that we may have never felt before.

Adding exercise to our routine is another essential self-care opportunity. There is a mind, body, soul connection and as we make time for walking, yoga, weights and all of the other ways we nourish the body, we will have increased energy and vitality. We know that when we feel good in our bodies, it positively affects our mood, intimacy and overall BEingness.

Being aware and open to all of the ways that we can take care of ourselves will definitely add to our overall experience of life. When I take time to listen to my loved ones, when my household, my finances’ and my work is in order, when I take a social media break and plan my life, I increase the peace within me. I worry less, play more and I build a life on the infinite possibilities that are available to me. My perspective shifts into creator of my life and author of my story. Its empowering and powerful.

How are all the ways I will take care of myself? What am I doing really good at and where is there room for improvement? Life gives us an opportunity every single day to refine, remember and commit to positive action. What will be the focus of my week and where will I being to make shifts that continue to align with the highest vision for my life?


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