expand my consciousness, (I will)

Our consciousness is the sum total of everything we have ever believed, everything we have felt a conviction about and everything we have learned. Because consciousness is causation- meaning it is causal and will bring to us those experiences that are in alignment with our thinking and BEingness- it is important to recognize where our tendency is. Am I hanging out in lack, limitation and not-enoughness or am I in abundance, excitement and possibility?

Wherever we are operating from, whatever that tendency is- that determines how much of the unlimited supply of good will flow to and through us AND we will attract to ourselves experiences and circumstances that are equal to or in alignment with it. Dennis Merritt Jones says it like this “Your consciousness goes before you to announce that you are coming”.

We are not separate from our creator; we are children of the most high, made from and in the image and likeness of It. Call It what you will- there is a power within us; whether we recognize it or not and whether we use it or not. It is the same intelligence that turns an acorn into an oak tree, it is the rising of the sun, the turning of every tide. It is every blade of grass and every grain of sand- IT is the very breath that breathes and sustains us in every single moment. It is trillions of cells and multiple organs that work in perfect harmony to animate and individualize each one of us. Understand that consciousness speaks to this creative power and our bodies and our personal awareness are expressions of this Infinite Oneness- when we get that each one of us is individually and uniquely created from Source, that we are the hands and feet of its good-then my perspective of everything changes. Everything becomes an opportunity.

The question then becomes- How will I cultivate this place of love, peace and unlimited possibility within me? To expand my consciousness would be to increase my understanding and acceptance of my worthiness, my wholeness and my flow in size, volume and scope- to literally stretch out and unfold like a bird that expands its wings to soar. It means that I will claim my good in fuller form and in greater detail and to recognize that I am ever evolving.

Our experiences and our realites reflect our consciousness, and this is wonderful news because we get to affirm, choose and create our reality. We’re it! We are the ones we’ve been waiting for! As we learn more about Universal Laws such as cause and effect, mental equivalence, the law of circulation and the undeniable power of Love, we choose then how we will be a player in this game of life.

Our Spiritual practices are essential in expanding our consciousness; when I live, move and have my being in an abundant Source that knows nothing of lack and limitation- what then might I create? Today, this knowingness energizes me. I am inspired and continue to expand my consciousness.


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