I will give time to the things that inspire and bring joy to me.

Sometimes we have dreams and ideas about what we want to be doing with our lives and as we contemplate these things they inspire us- there is an overwhelming sense of joy and we feel great about what we have an intention to create.

It’s good to recognize and know that these desires of the heart are ours purposefully. Even if there are others in the world doing what you have an idea to do- it doesn’t matter. No one has the creative output, voice, heart, intention, skill, attitude, knowledge and drive exactly like you. Sometimes people ask, “How do I know?” or “How can I trust that its mine to do?”.

Here’s the answer for that – If it’s on your heart and it doesn’t go away, it’s yours to do.

 Where desire meets intention, vision becomes reality.

 When your intention is clear- when you KNOW, when you have a CERTAINTY about what it is that is yours to do, and it is born of a desire of the heart. It WILL become your reality.

It is important to know however that whatever it is that you desire to create- you must have a mental equivalent of it. Wayne Dyer, an American philosopher, self-help author and motivational speaker would say it like this “You’ll see it when you believe it”.

One of the most necessary things to remember is that we cannot demonstrate life beyond our ability to embody it. In other words, we cannot receive or manifest something if we have a belief that we are not worthy of or capable of having it. Having a mental equivalent of something and feeling and knowing the possibility of it is imperative.

Learning how to focus our thoughts and concentrate our efforts on the vision and what is important is crucial, we must be aligned mentally with our goals and where we want to be.

As we challenge personal boundaries, move out of our comfort zones, and get comfortable with being uncomfortable, we will begin to move the needle of possibility. Be aware that our ego/protective personality is designed to keep us extremely comfortable & safe and has no regard for expansion, growth and new experiences. If it were up to the protective personality- it would lock you in a box of and you’d never experience anything outside of what you already know. In a world of infinite possibilities, that is a shallow version in the depth of what is possible.

Making time to get grounded and anchored in a vision that is inspired and joyful may seem foreign at first however, as you create deliberate time for prayer, meditation, walks, yoga sessions, bike rides and/or whatever it is for you that wakes you up and makes you come alive- make more time for that. What we believe we are worth is what we will attract into our lives.

Creating a clear mental picture and affirming the truth that we are supported by an infinite and infallible presence- believing and knowing that this is the truth and I am one with all that I desire- this is where the magic of life begins to reveal itself.

Today I affirm my good and I focus on everything that I have and that I am grateful for. I give thanks for everyone and everything that has contributed to my life and I focus on gratitude.

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