I will give all that I have to all that I am committed to.

When we give all that we have to all that we are committed to, the results show for themselves. When we steward and focus our attention, time, energy, intention and resources in the direction of our vision there really is nothing and no one that can stand between us and our purpose.

When you make it your personal responsibility to give all that you have to all that you are committed to, remember to stay open. God, the Universe, Source, Spirit, whatever you call it, is conspiring for our greater good. And when we align with this truth, when we stay open at the top, meaning we don’t judge where the flow of good can come from. We trust coincidental or chance meetings and introductions, we are positive about our good intentions and we have faith in what is not yet seen. When we operate from this perspective and when we make ourselves available to experience the joy, the reward and the satisfaction of following our destiny- then we are on purpose.

This journey of self-reflection continues to be an opportunity to look in the mirror; to keep learning, growing, questioning, discovering and re-committing.

I never thought that saying yes to those inner nudges and ideas would lead me here. To have created Serenitys Way, a company that promotes messages of encouragement and empowerment, to write and teach a curriculum in the battered women’s shelter, to support BTS (Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence) to fund and participate in their healing workshops, to be published in a bestselling book and to work on writing my own book. I am committed to be the most authentic, real, open and vulnerable woman that I can be and somewhere along this path of growth I decided that if someone else could benefit from things I’ve learned along the way, then I would make myself available to share what I’ve learned. My intention is to be a causal agent in healing the issue of Domestic Violence. I understand the significance and power that each one of us has, and I am certain that you can never know the impact you will have on this world until you say yes.

 So, what will you give yourself to? What will you be committed to so that when you leave this human experience you will feel that you left something behind that was worthy of you? The opportunity is to leave a legacy, to leave your imprint, your mark and your Spirit on what you feel called to do.

 Sometimes the struggle of our own personal value comes up and we question what it is that we have to give and/or contribute. However, when we continue on this path of growth, we recognize that leaving our contribution is actually the greatest gift that we have the opportunity to give. For some it feels like your soul’s calling, and if you don’t give or contribute to it, you may not see the purpose in life. If there is a feeling that something is missing or there is still something left to do- rest assured that you’re not done yet. The best is yet to come and your clarity, focus, direction and commitment will be needed.

If you are already giving all that you have, what does next level look like? Today I am open to the flow of creation. I surrender and release any thoughts that are not aligned with my highest vision. I know I am a causal agent in every experience of my life and I am open to all of the good that is flowing to and through me.





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